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Leasehold Apportionment Calculator

IMPORTANT: The figures are calculated taking leap years into account. This means that if the period contains Feb 29th (on a leap year) then the number of days over which the calculation is performed shall be increased by one.
The purchaser will be liable for costs from and including the completion date.
Completion Date
The purchaser will be liable for costs from and including the completion date?
Ground Rent Period
Ground Rent Year End Date
Ground Rent Year Amount
Ground Rent Paid To-Date For Year
Maintenance Period
Maintenance Year End Date
Maintenance Year Amount
Maintenance Paid To-Date For Year
Insurance Period
Insurance Year End Date
Insurance Year Amount
Insurance Paid To-Date For Year
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Free Leasehold Apportionment Calculator For Conveyancing

Property Marvel are pleased to offer this free Leasehold Apportionment Calculator to all solicitors.

Calculate Groundrent, Maintenance and Insurance residuals for the sale of leasehold properties.

This advanced calculator allows you to add as many different items for calculation as you need, as well as handling leap-years correctly and gracefully, the calculator allows you to choose whether the seller or purchaser should pay the costs for the compleiton date.

The calculator supports Yearly, 6 Monthly, Quarterly and Monthly charge periods, as well as taking the amount already paid by the seller for the period into consideration.

As a bonus feature you can print the calculation branded to your firm and matter.

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