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Case Study - Harvey Baker

Harvey Baker adopted Legal CM at an early stage, making the decision to embrace a paperless office and leverage technology to run an efficient and effective practice.

Harvey Baker setup their workflows, letters, quote calculators and forms and were then in a position to start loading cases. "From the very beginning feedback from clients was positive, with comments on how easy and efficient everything was".

Legal CM alerts staff to any tasks requiring their attention and every case is frequently addressed and updated. "Legal CM allows us to have the confidence that every document is reviewed, every case is given attention and that nothing is missed".

Harvey Baker tells us that "the phone hardly rings" as Clients, Introducers and Estate Agents are kept fully up-to-date with the progress of matters through the portal and case status update emails.

"All documents, emails and forms are all neatly and securely logged against each matter and are very easy to locate and access. The audit trail in Legal CM makes it simple to quickly and accurately view the histroy of a case".

"Legal CM makes communication turn-key, greatly reducing phone calls and double-tasking. Clients are quickly, easily and accurately notified of any delays to their matter and the reasons for them".

"The custom forms feature is superb. It allows us to collect data directly from clients cutting down on the number of scanned documents and manual data entry needed for each matter".

"The built-in digital signature feature provides a significat cost-saving to the business, negating the need pay for expensive 3rd party services to do an identical job".

"Because of Legal CM, the Covid 19 crisis has had little effect on our firm's ability to process and progress cases. There are, of course, delays with 3rd parties who are struggling, such as other solicitors or local authority searches. But we can work remotely if we need to. Because everything to do with a case is stored in Legal CM, and we have no reliance on paper files, there is no reason why staff cannot securely work from home when a lock-down comes around".